I am Mrs BigTopp a.k.a Catherine Grace
This is my ‘anything’ goes Blog address. Where it isn’t just about parenting, or missions or anything specific. There is no intended audience or anything like that.
It is just me writing stuff cos I find writing fun.
If you find reading it fun then high 5 and thank you for stopping by!

You can find me blogging about My Circus of Life – across cultures, by clicking here.
There you will see me writing to share my unremarkable life as part of God’s remarkable work of Evangelical Missions. That space is to share, to inform and to give a voice to the very real Clay-i-ness of the Clay Jars serving God… boasting in my weakness all the more to show the greatness of God.

You can also find me on Twitter @mrsbigtopp
Or on Facebook as Catherine Grace

Bless you!


One thought on “About

  1. “lots of prayer”. Yes! Motherhood is the most important job in my life, and yet I often forget that starting my day in prayer about my mothering could probably help out quite a bit! Thanks, Mrs. Big Topp! (I burn the cookies and pancakes too!)

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